Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Seasonal Paranoia

Seasonal paranoia
A trait unique to the Middle East. 
Takes on a cyclical form that has no definite start and finish points but, that nevertheless, recurs several times a year with varying durations. 
Symptoms may vary. 
Nausea and anxiety are expected. 
Avoid excessive abuse of liquor despite urge. 
Do not exceed prescribed medication dose. 

Occasionally, might result in actual change in social and political conditions.
Rare. But does occur. 

Fingers crossed. Breath held in. 
Seems like we are experiencing the rare.

On a different note. 
I watched Love and Other Drugs two nights ago. 
I declared myself officially depressed when it ended. 
Call it a chick flick. Call me a sucker. 
I don't care. I stand by my choice. 

Some more work below.
Some more music on the side.


  1. 1- I second your opinion about the movie and yes i cried my eyes out when i watched it.
    2- Love the chairs and want one (personalized) as a birthday gift :)
    Nadine B

  2. I watched that movie,felt the same before I watched it.
    Liberal media pushed through our throats

    just like the Fasateen series,but I got very bored with it. The series is so anti men, we are not jerks and we do not have to be sissies and wimps like Nino (good choice for a name). The drug is much better,quality,story line, and faces. That is my opinion