Sunday, January 23, 2011

happiness and light

Words to the wise: 
Do not, I repeat, do not, wallpaper a 4m high wall when bored and restless on a saturday night. 

Revert to casual sex instead.

The adventures of an amateur furniture restorer continue. My hands hurt. My fingers bleed. I strip out of my clothes at night and crash from exhaustion, only to wake up in the morning and realize I had slept with paint splotches on my legs and arms. But I laugh. Oh, do I laugh.

I had a beautiful photoshoot in my house a couple of days ago. It's amazing how much more beautiful things can look through someone else's lens. The beauty is already there, all around you, but at times it's not that clear until someone frames it for you. I wish I could walk around with a set of 5D lenses and a lighting kit. Perhaps it wouldn't hurt to have a looming, automatic and continuos photoshop render over your head either. 

Courtesy of David Habchy

Or maybe I just need to close my eyes, breathe, and then open my eyes again. That's it. Shift the attitude. Change the perspective. 
And smile
La vie est belle. 

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