Friday, December 31, 2010

today is another day

A close friend of mine has been nagging me relentlessly, and for quite a while now, to set up a blog. My answer - for that long while - had become unwaivering and standard: sure, I will... yalla, this weekend... I promise. (quite like an automated out-of-office response)

Every weekend I was convinced this would be the weekend I would. Literally convinced. 

Naturally, it never happened.
Till today. 

I am not very sure why I kept shying away from doing it even though the mere idea of owning a blog really makes me feel like I can smile inwardly somehow. I have a sneaking feeling my friend believed it would do me good... kind of like self-therapy.

I guess my main concern was what to say and what to share. Why would anyone want to read my silly thoughts? I, for one, am a religious follower of a few blogs that I believe are really worthwhile and inspirational. 

and also

I wait to see what these people have posted and can't wait to share THEIR thoughts with everyone else I know. 
I am well-aware that there are many more amazing blogs out there. Discovering a new one always feels like a flea-market find to me (for those who do not know me, a flea market find is my personal equivalent to a million dollars... ok not a million, but still... a whole lot :) ) I get a short-lived high and read on and on relentlessly for a couple of hours. Then I even bookmark the page. Then I check it again. Then I forget all about it. 
I have way too many bookmarks on my laptop that I am quite unsure what they were for and what kind of high they had initiated in the first place. 

But today.... today is another day.

I recently started renovating old furniture at home for the purpose of having it owned by someone else (even though the strong desire to keep them here in my own space has been tormenting me). And so, I think this blog can help me keep track of what I have been up to. My brain doesn't seem to be doing the job. - Short-term memory perhaps? -

I will write on and on relentlessly for awhile. Then I will even bookmark my own page. Then I will check it again. Then... let's see how long it will take me to forget all about it.

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  1. so first page bookmarked, if not for the new year's resolution (is it?), or the friend's mention (twice!!), then at least for the ben howard link (it's a bate isn't it??)..yalla i'm sure there'll be lots of these..proud of you girl! xxx